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russian doll second life

Hello there! The post title means “blonde”, in case you were wondering… uhm, I didn’t do much of an effort but, well, it looks cool written in russian ^_^;

• free
HAIR | HS | Wedding hair (Group gift, comes with a complete outfit) | here
PANTS | Bubble | Skinny ripped pants (Mushroom Hunting hunt; #32. Hint: Oh Pumpkin Season!) | here

• non free
HAT | Lelutka | Dictator hat | here
T-SHIRT | Hello Dave | Soviet style CCCP T-shirt | here (Marketplace)
JACKET | L&B S’wear | Revolution | here
LIPSTICK | Rozena | Doll Lip | here (I’m wearing the ‘blood’ Halloween edition, still available while I’m posting. Anyway there are other colors in the shop, red included)

Skin: Mother Goose’s “Sasha”, posted below. Eyes: Insufferable Dastard, posted here