• Ohna’s skins •

Besides running an awesome blog, and possessing a sense for minimalist chic that I will never have (^_^;), Ohna is also a terrific skin designer. Her skin is on sale on the SL marketplace in different variations; all are from 1 to 10L, plus the “4.44.444 special” at a very promotional price.

• free 
EYES | Bonne Chance | eye Gray (group gift) | here
SKIN (pic 1, 4L - practically a freebie) | Ohna | Ohna’s skin - pinkish lips | here

pic 2: Ohna’s skin collection.

• non free 
HAIR | Boon | WMO003 (black) | here

• Extreme Makeover HTML edition •

crazy hair second life

After ages of attempts I was able to decipher hieroglyphs HTML code and finally customized my blog as I wanted it. Above, a slide of my model/alt Barbarella taken in the precise moment in which I wanted to commit Tumblrcide. But that was not the case! The guys at Tumblr Support are awesome and helped me out.

My precedent SL pics look tiny now, because they were made for another blog format, but you can always see them bigger on my Flickr or on my Deviant Art page, if you want to.

What I’m not changing is my usual free/non free mix. Here’s the SLurls:

• free 
T-SHIRT > Bleh Tees | Evolution of war | here

• non free 
HAIR > EMO-tions | WOOT (blonde - comes with or without pose) | here

• GLaDos Anime Android •

GLaDos anime android

• free 
ROBOT AVATAR | Pixels | GLaDos Android (shop’s mini-hunt prize - until Nov. 7th) | here

• non free 
SHOES | Hoc Industries | Platform Pumps | here (they’re modifiable, so I made the platform yellow, semi-transparent and glowing to match the avatar. They’re a cool product, a hud with 15 different colors and 6 textures is included: you should check it out!  The “wings” attached to the shoes are part of the Android’s outfit)

• блондинка •

russian doll second life

Hello there! The post title means “blonde”, in case you were wondering… uhm, I didn’t do much of an effort but, well, it looks cool written in russian ^_^;

• free
HAIR | HS | Wedding hair (Group gift, comes with a complete outfit) | here
PANTS | Bubble | Skinny ripped pants (Mushroom Hunting hunt; #32. Hint: Oh Pumpkin Season!) | here

• non free
HAT | Lelutka | Dictator hat | here
T-SHIRT | Hello Dave | Soviet style CCCP T-shirt | here (Marketplace)
JACKET | L&B S’wear | Revolution | here
LIPSTICK | Rozena | Doll Lip | here (I’m wearing the ‘blood’ Halloween edition, still available while I’m posting. Anyway there are other colors in the shop, red included)

Skin: Mother Goose’s “Sasha”, posted below. Eyes: Insufferable Dastard, posted here

• 1979 •

I watched “Scarface” for the umpteenth time and when Michelle Pfeiffer makes her entrance I always stop breathing until she gets off the glass elevator and does all the stairs. In the meantime, I discovered how cool Deborah Harry was/is (got “heart of glass”, “Atomic” , “good boys”, etc playing in loop in my ipod these days).

So. I found this gourgeous azure (night)gown/pantsuit that looks very end of 70s - beginning of 80s to me and with these two American goddesses in mind, I shot the pic.

I also found a similar hairdo as Michelle/Elvira has in the movie, but on my avie looked like a bowl lol, so I used this old 0 Style freebie that still looks hot in my opinion ^_^

My mother has a similar dress in her wardrobe, bought in Milan in 1979, back from her disco days ^_^. Hence, I titled this post “1979”.

DRESS | Indie Rose | Silk pantsuit here
NECKLACE |Donna Flora | Anne (comes with earrings too) here
SHOES |N-core | Soleilhere
SKIN | Mother Goose’s | Sasha (“3” and “3teeth”, tattoo lashes and eyeliner on) | here
Hair: old 0 Style freebie; lip gloss old “La Malvada Mujer” gloss (it’s called just “Gloss”, and I don’t see it in the shop); eyes makeup: old Elymode hunt prize.